Remington Steele*++

Remington Steele*++
(Gaffizon++ x Jordjina)


Gray Stallion 15.3h
Born 6/24/82

Breeder’s Sweepstakes nominated sire
Triple Registered – AHRA (American), PAHR (International),
A.R.A.B.S. (Sporthorses)

Stud Fee $2,500 (Fresh, shipped, and frozen available)
Multiple mare discounts available

Thank you for your interest in Remington Steele*++ and his foals. We appreciate your business and look forward to a new friendship.  We hope you enjoy the information that we have put together to help you study Remington’s pedigree – he has a wonderful heritage. Each stallion in Rem’s bloodline is an Arabian Horse World “Significant Sire”… Proven producers of both halter and performance horses. Each mare is an “Aristocrat,” leading producers of champions worldwide.

Remington is an ambassador for small breeders the world over – proving you CAN compete with the big guns AND WIN! From the beginning, Remington broke all the rules… Whenever they said it couldn’t be done – he did it.

Shown out of a trailer by a catch handler in his first show at age three, Remington trotted into the ring a big, bold, dazzling white, charismatic colt and came out show champion stallion. He has 22 first – 12 Grand Champions. U.S. and Canadian National Top Ten. Twice Scottsdale Top Ten (at four and 16 years of age). Remington is the Leading Arabian Sporthorse Stallion and has won Reserve Champion at DAHA’s first Open showing with an amateur show him!

At his very first show under saddle, Remington won Western Pleasure Champion with Dean Lacey as well as many firsts in Hunter Pleasure with a junior rider switching back and forth between Western and Hunt all day. In his second show, Sheri Lacey added Native Costume and Rem went Show Champion in THAT division while still winning in Western and Hunt, garnering High Point Horse. At his third show, the incredible Remington Steele successfully carried seven riders (3 pros/4 juniors) in as many different divisions!!!

In February 1999, Remington won top ten in halter at Scottsdale at the age of 16. He was competing in the Aged Stallion class against 6 year olds!

Remington has Top Tenned a 50 mile endurance ride and completed the Western States – 100-Mile-In-One-Day Ride, thereby winning the coveted “TEVIS” buckle.

Remington, also a prepotent sire, has produced several hundred exceptional offspring stamping his personality, showmanship and versatility onto  each of his babies as well as strong correct legs, and long neck, strong level him, short back.

Remington Steele*++ stud fee is now $2,500, but soon he will no longer be available to the public. His breeding rights will belong to the Remington Steele*++ International Cryogenic Consortium. If you think you might be interested in an invitation to belong to his consortium. Consortium members enjoy: Frozen semen for the future, Strong worldwide markets, Bonus breeding to exotic stallions, Beautiful, historic trail tours, and rafting on the American River!

If you want to breed the kind of horses you can show one weekend, trail ride the next, and trust with your kids--then Remington Steele*++ is FOR YOU!

6 Responses to Remington Steele*++

  1. sky stout says:

    Hi ,
    My name is Sky. I am the new recent owner of Qiturah Jursteele. She is the foal of Miss Steele who’s father is Remington Steele. We just recieved our Cert of Registration with the Arabian Horse Association. I am very proud to be her owner, especially after seeing this website, of her bloodline.

  2. Jacki Day says:

    I have 2 Remington Steele horses. Their pictures (CR Lady Remington and Remy Marten (AKA:: Jackson) are under clients Jacki Day. Can you send a picture for Patti to put on this site? Where are you located?

  3. Wendy Nickerson Gough says:

    I will always remember my filly Steele Magnolias. I will always remember the day I rode him in the arena at your house. I know how much you loved that horse…and how special he was to you. You will always have your special memories. Take care….Wendy

  4. Jamie L. says:

    I adopted a Remington Steele Arabian. He is 20 years old, per vet, trained in dressage and endurance, but his owner got sudden dementia, and she was put in a nursing home, leaving her horse behind alone. Safe Haven Horse Sanctuary in Cottonwood, CA gave him a home for over a year before we found each other. The vet in Redding, CA who checked him, told me he was the spitting image of a Remington Steele Arabian. His name is Khalif, and he is a 16 hand pure white Arabian, without any “flea-bitten spots” on his coat. This horse is amazing, and I wish I knew more about him. My biggest question is – How do you get a saddle to fit on this “greyhound” shaped horse? I use a Wintec Pro endurance saddle, but no matter how tight the girth is, the saddle will slip off the back if not for the breast collar. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried using a riser, but just last week, both the pad and the riser came flying off from under the saddle while running on the beach! I’ve resorted to using a ex-wide western fleece breast collar to take the pull of the saddle. But, this is just a Band-Aid. Thank You!!!!!!

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