For over 40 years we have “wowed the world” with the extreme versatility of our horses. Our clients can have one horse  for all reasons. Here is the proof…

Greg Kimler finishing the Tevis Cup on Echo Valley Hawk

Greg Kimler finishing the Tevis Cup on Rem’s Echo Valley Hawk


Our mission is to breed and train Arabian horses which not only have the style, beauty and nobility of the classic Arabian war horse,

but also the fabled physical prowess and ability to bond to the rider for which people historically risked their lives and fortunes to obtain.

Our horses are bred from only those individuals who have distinguished themselves in either racing or endurance riding.

2 Responses to Home

  1. Cass says:

    I love your article on Remington Steele. I think my daughter is in love with him. He is now living in Auburn. I am just wanting to see if we have the same Remington Steele. You may see him on my FB page, Cass Brown Capel. My #916-996-8320. Please call me. He actually just got married to Lizzie, last Sunday. Those two are inseparable.

    Was your Remmie flea bitten? Ours is.

  2. Debi says:

    I just watched your tribute to Remington Steele and it made me cry. And I usually don’t cry….but I could see he was treasured by your family much like Fadjur and Sidi Brahim with the Tone/Polk family and Aladdinn by the Taylor family. I am in the process of buying a filly from Pete Mc Neil and I hope she and I can share that bond. Whoever you choose to try to have a foal with from Rem will be blessed beyond belief.

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